08 November 2009

Bi-Partisanship in Action: Lou Dobbs & the Catholic Bishops Make Health Care Policy

There are matters on which we live in what is in effect a one party state. The result is that there are issues on which one 'bipartisan' group of citizens and politicians are able to impose draconian moral views on the remainder of the population. Two of those issues (they are not the only ones) are reprodutive freedom and immigration.

The Democrats (our allegedly liberal or progressive party) barely managed to pass health care reform in the Congress even having effectively eliminated a perfectly legal procedure - abortion - from the bill in order to appease the reactionaries in their own party. This is pathetic. Where was the democratic leadership on this one? When the religious zealots came in and whined that they'd lose in the next election if their home-town clergy didn't support them (which they may or may not do, in any case) the leadership ought to have been clear: 'If you think you cannot win without the support of Bishop X, imagine how difficult it will be to win without our help. ... Oh, and, of course this is a matter of your conscience' and of 'principle' and not just of pandering to the Church, right?'

And, predictably, undocumented workers are excluded from the 'affordable health care for America' reforms too. The whole point of a public option - which is an insurance policy not publicly provided health care -is to provide a way for workers to use their own money to purchase affordable health care. Except, of course for those pesky illegals- who, on average are smack in the middle of the income and occupational groups who most need access to the public option. They will still be using thee emergency room for medical care.

Good policy - protect 'unborn babies' but leave real live human beings hanging. Change you can believe in? Here is the President himself:
"What we can do right now is choose a better future and pass a bill that brings us to the very cusp of building what so many generations of Americans have sought to build -- a better health care system for this country."
For those that need a translator, our hoper-in-chief acknowledges that we almost got meaningful health care reform. We are on 'the very cusp' of having done something useful and efficient and fair. But not quite.

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