21 November 2009


Lyndon B. Johnson, as Senate majority leader in 1957, giving
F. Green, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations
Committee, “the
© George Tames/The New York Times.

Like him and his policies or not, LBJ knew how to gather the votes he needed. And that is something the contemporary Democrats - especially including Obama - seem to have forgotten how to do. This picture from the paper today depicts classic legislative politics.

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Blogger S said...

This is a great pair of photographs.
(I'll note that seeing the large prints in the Presidential Gallery section of National Portrait Gallery in DC is truly impressive and makes one appreciate these much more.)

21 November, 2009 20:28  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

I've not seent he prints in DC, but I think these are really hard hitting; this is what insider politics is about. And it is why the dems appear to inept - they don't know how (or are unwilling) to do this sort of thing. JJ

PS: Thanks for stopping by.

21 November, 2009 22:36  

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