17 November 2009

The 'Hidden' Cost of Health Insurance Reform? Or, Is this What Obama Actually Thinks?

The Obama administration is delivering a lame legislative reform of medical insurance 'reform.' It largely is unconcerned with improved access or cost control. But it is delivering purveyors of repressive policies to posts in the Justice Department! Here is is a New York Times profile of Stephanie Rose the nominee for U.S. Attorney in Iowa who is being pushed by the state's Democratic Senator. Obama is solidly behind the nomination - according to the report - in order to keep Harkin in the insurance reform coalition. But it is likely the case that our hoper-in-chief also thinks Ms. Rose is just ducky in policy terms. Where is the progressive party in the U.S.?

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Blogger charlesdowney said...

President Obama’s attempts to quasi-nationalize America’s health insurance industry is based upon providing people with a “Public Option” that will directly compete with America’s current private, semi-free market low cost health insurance providers – whether those providers are the evil insurance giants or individual Americans’ employers.

24 November, 2009 16:57  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

With, what, 40 Million uninsured and worse health care outcomes on many, many dimensions than most civilized countries, our current "system" is a bad joke. If you want to defnd it you've got an uphill battle.

The problem with Obama is that he has let Congress take the lead on this matter and we are getting crap. Why? because he is really, truly a middle of the road politician. He is not coming close to socializing medicine because he really doesn't want to do so.

24 November, 2009 20:14  

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