30 November 2009

News Flash! ~ Republicans Promote Profligate Spending and Rampant Redistribution

"During the 1990s, the Republican Party promised to create a federal government that was small, inexpensive, and efficient. Their stated plan was that the national debt would be reduced, and ‘unfair’ income redistribution would be curtailed. Yet Republican control of the legislative and executive branches of government during the last two decades has had the opposite effect. Government has grown; the national debt has expanded; and redistribution has increased. Moreover, the ‘unfair’ redistribution Republicans decried—and still decry—turns out to run strongly in their own constituents’ favor."
That is the punch-line of this paper - "The Truth about Redistribution: Republicans Receive, Democrats Disburse," by Gary Richardson - that arrived today from The Economist's Voice.

Richardson shows that without exception - meaning in each and every one of the fifty states - comparing those states that vote Republican to those that vote Democratic, the former take in more (sometimes considerably more) in federal expenditures than their citizens pay in taxes. Mostly, according to Richardson, this reflects Republican control of the Congressional appropriations process. Is any one surprised?

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