29 November 2009

The Tolerent and Peaceful Swiss (2)

And so the Swiss indeed have voted to insert a ban on Minarets into their constitution. There is a report on the referendum here at The New York Times. This is a follow up on an earlier post.
[Photograph © Associated Press.]

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Blogger Joshua Freedom said...

I am not quite sure if I understand this ruling. Does it ban the actual tower, or the sound system which calls believers to prayer. I could see banning the sound system, just as many communities have banned obnoxious church bells, but banning a type of architecture just seems absolutely moronic. I guess fear tactics work on the tolerant and peaceful swiss

30 November, 2009 10:25  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

As I understand the law, it bans not mosques but only the minarets. I suspect that banning mosques would itself be unconstitutional in Switzerland. So this doesn't ban Islam, it simply pokes a stick in the eye of believers. Nice work!

30 November, 2009 10:33  

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