12 December 2009

Graphical Nuttiness ...

Occasionally my Google alerts call my attention to the truly nutty. This morning a post on a right wing blog popped up. These two graphics accompanied a very, very long post about the Obama conspiracy against the sovereignty of the United States. The premise is that Obama must have read (or been influenced by) a 1966 article in The Nation by Richard Cloward and Francis Fox Piven. In that essay the "strategy" is to overload the federal bureaucracy with multiple time-consuming, attention-commanding tasks that would lead to breakdown and collapse of state capacity - or something like that. I've not read the essay. But the top graphic details the nefarious plotters and their connections to the president. Pretty scary, huh?

So, what is the problem? Well, coincidentally, Google alerts also generated a link to this essay by Matt Taibbi the politics writer at Rolling Stone detailing the ways that the allegedly "progressive" Obama administration has accommodated and incorporated the interests of the financial industry since virtually the day after the 2008 election. None of the people whom Taibbi discusses - various acolytes of Bob Rubin with direct ties to Wall Street banks and trading companies - appear in the flow chart above. And most of them hold government posts - in other words they are not a shadow government in waiting, they are an actual government in power. And, as Taibbi notes in the end, the right wingers are so busy looking out for socialist revolution that they do not (cannot?) grasp Obama's actual behavior. If you are going to peddle conspiracy theories, you should at least try to make them plausible! Here is the graphic accompanying the Rolling Stone essay.

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Blogger kellie said...

The artist responsible for that caricature, Victor Juhasz, discusses it on his blog here.

For all his skill as a caricaturist however, it's his work from life I find incredible, for example here, and here, and here.

Most exraordinary is a set of drawings of his mother on her deathbed.

08 January, 2010 18:56  

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