16 December 2009

Passings: Larry Sultan ( 1946~2009)

Sharon Wild, 2001. From the series The Valley. © Larry Sultan.

Photographer Larry Sultan has died. You can find the obituary from The New York Times here. I do not know much about Sultan beyond a vague awareness of his series The Valley which consists of color photographs taken on the sets of porn films in the San Fernando Valley.



Blogger e.e.nixon said...

Here are two recent entries from the American Suburb X blog that might add to your knowledge:

Concerning his series called "Pictures from Home"


or http://tinyurl.com/y8s2esy

and a small collection of very recent photos called "Homeland" which, for reasons I haven't quite parsed yet, I find both revelatory and very moving:


or http://tinyurl.com/yavojp4

I suppose part of it is the fact of his death, but there is something, to my eye, very concentrated and settled in these pictures. They lack a lot of the... manner that can crop up, particularly in the suburban portraiture and definitely in the commercial work.

A Google search takes one to a dealer/gallery site where you can look at a large (and very small format) collection of both his commercial and personal work.


For me, he is part of the complicated mix of things that goes to make up the myth of California that I (as an outsider) carry with me.

16 December, 2009 20:02  
Blogger Stan B. said...

In addition to his original and highly reflective photography, Evidence by Sultan and Mandel was a compilation that along with the portraits from The Killing Fields "proved" that artists were not always necessary for the production of photographic art.

17 December, 2009 17:02  

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