23 December 2009

Why I Like Our Congressional Representative

Just when you think that it is time to wholly despair of Congress and its nuttiness, something happens to make you think 'just maybe, I am not completely out of touch.' We live in the 28th NY Congressional District and our Representative is Louise Slaughter, the first woman to be Chair of the Rules Committee. Louise has just published this sharp criticism of the Senate health care bill:
"Although the art of legislating involves compromise, I believe the Senate went off the rails when it agreed with the Obama Administration to water down the reform bill and no longer include the public option.

But that's not the only thing wrong with the Senate's version of the healthcare bill. [. . .]

Now don't get me wrong; the current House and Senate bills are a significant improvement over the status quo. Given the hard path to reform and the political realities of next year, there is a sizable group within Congress that wants to simply cut any deal that works and call it a success. Many previous efforts have failed, and the path to reform is littered with unsuccessful efforts championed by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Harry Truman and Bill Clinton.

Supporters of the weak Senate bill say 'just pass it -- any bill is better than no bill.'

I strongly disagree -- "
The punch line is that Louise thinks the Senate ought to go back to the drawing board. But she also is clear that the Obama administration bears a significant bit of responsibility for the debacle. It just goes to show that not everyone in Washington has lost their senses.



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