27 January 2010

Free Umida Akhmedova

The inimitable Stan Banos has forwarded me the link to this slide show from the BBC; it consists in some work by Umida Akhmedova, a Uzbeki photographer put on trial by her government for allegedly creating a negative image of the country!

The captions to the slide show provide some more detail regarding the legal case. But Akhmedova faces a term in prison or at hard labor. You can find a larger collection of her photographs here.* You can sign an on-line petition requesting that Akhmedova be set free addressed to the President of Uzbekistan here. Of course, a government concerned with its reputation abroad can best burnish that image by respecting human rights in conformity to established international standards.
* Both images in this post © Umida Akhmedova.

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Blogger a.f.c.tank said...

Hear, hear! This is just the kind of thing your blog is great at promulgating. Admittedly, I know little about Uzbek society, but your post has gotten me intrigued.

Thanks for shedding light on M(r)s. Umida Akhmedova's struggle.

Now, off to sign the petition!


27 January, 2010 13:19  
Blogger Simple Simon said...

Do you have a link to Mrs Ahmedova's movie "The Burden of Virginity" which apparently is available online?

11 February, 2010 00:25  

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