27 February 2010

Communications from the "bizzaro universe" . . .

So, I came across this profile of Keli Carender, darling of the 'tea-baggers,' in The New York Times*; it just goes to show that you can be hip & trendy (nose-ring), creative (actress), smart (math teacher), and young and still be a conservative ideologue. In other words one need not be a dour old reactionary to be, well, a reactionary.

Poor Ms. Carender, who attended a public university, whines and complains that someone might 'take her money' to pay for health care, and seems wholly seems oblivious to the irony. I guess taxpayer subsidies are outrageous affronts to liberty only when they benefit someone else? Ms. Carender's 'intellectual' inspiration, old Tom Sowell is a crackpot all of whose work is supported by the right wing Hoover Institution. But enough of the ad hominem observations. Ms. Carender finds them offensive having in the prior breath dismissed those who disagree with her as purveying "the usual hyperbole and empty, hateful rhetoric of people who presume themselves to be intellectually and morally superior to anyone who does not share a liberal, progressive or left-wing ideology." Irony upon irony, I suppose.

Despite what she might have surmised from reading Sowell, there are good reasons why deficit spending is the proper response to a depressed economy. And, of course, far and away the primary cause of the deficits that she so dreads is the hair-brained tax policies and foreign adventures initiated by the Bush administration. Ooooppps! Is it that Ms. Carender is simply not smart enough to figure this out? Or does she inhabit not a reality based but an "alternative bizzaro universe"?
* I've just come across this profile at npr too.

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Blogger Ian Aleksander Adams said...

I know I know it gets so hard to not be just like "they're idiots" but I really do think that the point "taxpayer subsidies are outrageous affronts to liberty only when they benefit someone else" seems to be a main one - I don't know if any of you were watching the daily show where he points out Beck saying he learned at the library because the books were free.

27 February, 2010 21:03  
Blogger Tom White said...

Equally bizarre was the article I read today about anti abortion campaigners (who are often white conservatives) claiming that abortion is part of a racist conspiracy to wipe out black people just so they can get more black people to support their cause. It would be ludicrous except for the fact that in some cases it seems to be working.

28 February, 2010 00:38  
Blogger Public Squalor said...

Well given the "teabagger's" determined rejection of reason, what is the appropriate way to deal with these folks in a democracy? It seems pointless to argue or offer contrary evidence. I suspect this bunch is a statistically small and noisy sect. But their unwillingness to entertain any arguments or ideas that contradict their world view seems seems pretty common in American politics.

Then at the other end of the spectrum, we have self-identified "independents" who seem to blow with the wind, lacking any consistent political principles and completely fickle. In this respect they're as scary as the teabaggers. Here's a link to an article on U.S. independent voters - http://dissentmagazine.org/online.php?id=302

Can we have a democracy here?

28 February, 2010 08:15  
Blogger Stan B. said...

We may have switched presidents, but this country as a whole is still operating under the same modus operandi of our previous administration- basically, that "we create our own reality."

Someday, and not anytime soon, we'll all once again realize that the word for that is "fantasy."

28 February, 2010 12:36  
Blogger Parker said...

Hmmm, let's see, the Government knows best, and if it wants to spend us into oblivion (under either Bush or Obama), we should just Shut the F*%k Up and accept the divine wisdom of our superiors.

Seriously, if you want to live in a socialist republic, you can throw a dart at the map, and if it doesn't land in a body of water, you're pretty much guaranteed to have located another broke-ass, union controlled, big government SNAFU, such as Greece (lovely country, I've been there twice, totally screwed up government).

But if you want to live in a country where people are politically and economically free, there are a very few choices, and increasingly fewer.

Take a look at States such as California, Michigan and New York where you have top to bottom ownership of the government by Democrats. They're broke. They have run those states under the Socialist prescription, and they are flat broke. Sorry. It's a self-evident truth.

G.W. Bush, despite the Iraq war, was a total socialist: new prescription drug entitlements, massive farm bills, massive federal spending (and control) of public education.

Seriously, what gives you any faith in government? Name one thing that the government does that would warrant your faith.

You can't. For liberals, Government is God. But when the money runs out and these Republicans and Democrats flee the sinking ship, who gonna pay for healthcare? You gonna wring that money out of a turnip?

08 March, 2010 19:49  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

Yo Parker,

You seem to be from the universe too! Here are some questions: what the hell do you mean by socialist? Since when did California have top to bottom Demcoratic government (remember Arnold is the governor)? When did the banks or insurance companies do anything for you besides steal your money? If you are so worried about the government fleecing you, where is the outrage at all the corporate types who are screwing you (and your kids and grandkids) silly?

I have plenty of complaints about the government - and Obama too. But if you think the Dems are socialists you need to stop drinking the kool aid before it kills you!

thanks for stopping by. ~ Jim

08 March, 2010 20:48  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

PS: I forgot to mention that the state and local governments in NY state are hardly bright blue either. We spent years with George Pataki as governor running the state into the ground. And until recently the state senate had been run by a (corrupt) Republican party too. Around Monroe COunty were I live the governments of most town and the county legislature are solidly red.

08 March, 2010 20:57  

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