24 March 2010

Liars on the Right - Kyle Olson

This is a mug-shot of a liar. His name is Kyle Olson, a political extremist who runs this outfit. Among his recent escapades has been participating eagerly in a right wing campaign* to slander and intimidate Francis Fox Piven, a fellow political scientist. I disagree with Piven on many things but we agree on the importance of free and open inquiry. That is where we part company with liars like Olson who deceived Piven in order to enter her home and videotape an interview. You can read the details here at The American Prospect. Kyle has not got the courage of his convictions and that should be a cause for embarrassment on the right. Unfortunately, it is not. Just as they celebrate nepotism (while deploring the way affirmative action - always said with a sneer - allegedly offends against merit) they seem totally comfortable with duplicity. I guess the right has decided that the ends justify the means.
PS: I mentioned this campaign in passing here. You can find Glenn Beck rants about the dangers of Piven and her late co-author Richard Cloward on YouTube by Googling 'Beck Cloward Piven.'

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