27 March 2010

Perverts and Heretics in the Catholic Church

"As archbishop, Benedict expended more energy pursuing theological dissidents than sexual predators. Already in the early 1980s, one could catch a glimpse of a future pope preoccupied with combating any movement away from church tradition. Vatican experts say there is little evidence that Benedict spent much time investigating more than 200 cases of “problem priests” in the diocese, with issues including alcohol abuse, adultery and, now under the microscope, pedophilia."
This paragraph from this story in The New York Times hardly comes as a surprise. Most of the church hierarchy was indifferent, at best, to the sufferings the clergy (including nuns) imposed on children. I spent most of my childhood in repressive Catholic Schools. And I witnessed a progressive priest being hounded out of our Parish too while the besotted Monsignor . . . My parents thought it was good for me and, while not in the intended way, it was. The only difference between the now Pope and the rest of the hierarchy is that he succeeded in the church politics and is now at the top of the apparatus, still bent on hunting down heresy instead of protecting the innocent. I will say that anyone who doesn't find the excuse that he simply 'overlooked' plain evidence of child molesters under his command is beyond help. His actions then were despicable and the rationalizations for his failings now being offered make me ill. Believers are fond of asking "What Would Jesus Do?" Despite his purported intellectual prowess and proclivities, the Pope shows no signs of knowing the right answer to that question.

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Blogger Stan B. said...

I purposely put a very wide distance between myself and Catholicism after graduating from an all male Catholic high school in the '70s- for a multitude of reasons, as you can well imagine. It was only after graduation that I finally realized how thoroughly riddled with pervs (well beyond the usual suspects) that particular institution had been, and how endemic it is to Catholicism as a whole.

27 March, 2010 21:21  
Blogger Honour said...

The Pope needs to cast off his expensive raiments, don sackcloth, cover himself in ashes and walk the earth doing penance and seeking the forgiveness of his people in the name of his gawed who asked that children be brought to him.

28 March, 2010 22:02  

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