28 March 2010

Pope Operates in Alternate Reality

You can put this into the 'ya couldn't make this stuff up' category. . . . According to this report in The Guardian, the Pope has announced - in response to criticism of his despicable failure, over the course of decades, to protect children from molesters among the clergy - that his oh so pure faith affords "the courage of not allowing oneself to be intimidated by the petty gossip of dominant opinion." That is precisely the sort of thing Jesus would not say. To call the well established fact of priests - including those directly under his command - exploiting children "petty gossip" suggests to me that the Pope is massively out of touch with reality. He ought to be removed from office. Oh yeah, the church is not exactly a democracy.

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Blogger Honour said...

You might be interested in this great piece by Sinead O'Connor:


28 March, 2010 22:27  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

H ~ Thanks for this link. And for those who think that the latest round of revelations of molesters in the church is 'news', please follow the link to O'Connor's performance on SNL. She has been speaking out very, very publicly for nearly two decades.

28 March, 2010 23:13  

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