30 March 2010

Recommended Reading ~ Economics Without Illusion

Well, I am in San Francisco hanging with my youngest son August. We just went to see How to Train Your Dragon, which is a reminder that capitalism is not all bad. We'll leave the movie review for another time. What I wanted to call your attention to is this book by a former student of mine, Joe Heath. I just saw the advert today and so have not read it. But on the way home from the theatre I stopped to pick up a copy. It looks good and I am sure that it will be infuriating since Joe seems to give equal time to deflating various "fallacies" of the right and the left - which is a good thing, I suppose. In any case, Joe is smart and witty and sensible in many ways. And, as a philosopher writing about economics, he is taking back some of the intellectual terrain that the professional economists have arrogated to themselves. That is a good thing too!



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Have a great time with your son, Jim.

~ peace

30 March, 2010 20:47  

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