16 April 2010

Music Rochester

Every so often The Guardian runs a story about the disappearance - or at least precarious existence - of local record shops. There is another in the paper today. I often complain about Rochester as a cultural backwater, but there are at least three terrific independent record stores in town (compare that to supposedly hip places like, say, Ann Arbor, which seems unable to sustain any) - The Bop Shop, Record Archive, and Lakeshore Record Exchange. Each of the stores occupies a distinct niche - for instance, I try not to go the Lakeshore for fear that I will single-handedly dilute the hipness of the staff and clientele simply by virtue of my age. In any case, on this dimension at least our cultural ecology seems relatively robust.

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Blogger Vincent said...

It's because our music dollars go to the Ark


I'm still a wee bit jealous though, those stores look pretty nice.

On a side note, the description of your ICPSR workshop for this summer has really piqued my curiosity. I can't really tell from the blurb if it will lean closer to a course on the epistemology of rat choice, to an applied introduction to modeling, or to an EITM-like session.



16 April, 2010 22:12  

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