23 April 2010

Obama as Opportunist

I want to call your attention to this post ~ "People Thought Obama Would Be Progressive Because He's Black. Big Mistake. But He Could Still Be The Most Transformative President Since FDR" ~ that appeared at 3 Quarks Daily a while back. The author, Evert Cilliers, is spot on about Obama and his prospects (which is a comment on the pathetic state of our politics); he is literate and very funny to boot.

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Blogger Public Squalor said...

Thanks for this, Jim.

How do political scientists view terms like "non-ideological" and "pragmatist"? Are capitalism or imperialism ideological concepts?

Seems to me that FDR was pretty pragmatic too, but wasn't nearly as impressed by the wealthy as Obama seems to be.

- peace

23 April, 2010 14:16  

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