04 April 2010

Obama Goes Nucular

Obama’s Obscure Pronunciation of ‘Nuclear’ Breaks With Tradition

by Andy Borowitz
Posted on Apr 4, 2010
WASHINGTON—In what some are calling the boldest move of his presidency, Barack Obama broke with a time-honored tradition observed by several U.S. presidents, including George W. Bush, by pronouncing the word nuclear as it appears in the dictionary.
Announcing a new weapons pact with Russia, Obama repeatedly pronounced the word nuclear in a way that has rarely been used by a U.S. president since Jimmy Carter was in the White House.
But according to Davis Logsdon, a professor of international relations at the University of Minnesota, Obama’s pronunciation of nuclear may have been key to the diplomatic breakthrough: “The Russians have heard presidents pronounce it “nucular” for so long, they may have thought he was offering something new.”
Obama’s obscure pronunciation of nuclear drew harsh reactions from members of the tea party movement, who see the president’s obsession with correct English usage as an attempt to make the nation more European. A sign at a recent tea-bagger rally read, “Obama Wants to Disconnect Your Granma [sic] and Correct Your Gramar [sic].”
Elsewhere, Sarah Palin campaigned for John McCain today in a bid to shore up his support among morons.
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Blogger Anne Odland said...

Amen! I have long cringed at how stupid our presidents have sounded when they mispronounced "nuclear". Bravo to Obama for that. Now if only he would learn that there really is an appropriate time to use the word "me" instead of "I", as in "for Michelle and me". His use of "Michelle and I" no matter the grammatical circumstance belies his lack of grammatical understanding... a grammarian he ain't. So it's more than a bit ironic that the rubes accuse him of trying to "correct your gramar": correct pronunciation isn't grammar. Of course Obama is worlds apart from his predecessor who couldn't even figure out subject/verb agreement... (Oh the irony in my telling my sons that grammar is important if they want to get anywhere in their lives... you'll only get as far as President of the United States!)

10 April, 2010 08:47  

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