15 April 2010


It turns out that the extremists who make up the "tea party" crowd tend to be ... a bunch of old, economically well-off, white guys who are "angry" and "pessimistic" because they think the government is paying too much attention to the needs of the poor and minorities and not enough to the rich! Who'd have guessed that?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The way this NYT poll has been playing in the media has been hilarious to watch!

The left is saying: "You see! We told you that the Tea Party is composed of a bunch of old, rich white guys who want to oppress the poor!"

On the other side, the right is saying: "You see! We told you that the Tea Party is not composed of a bunch of redneck yahoos! These folks are respectable, highly educated, and well to do!"

LOL@American politics!!!

15 April, 2010 22:03  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...


I don't think the old rich white guys here want to oppress the poor. I think they don't give a shit about anyone who doesn't look like them. They are resentful pricks who are more than willing to take government redistribution to themselves from others but whine if they think the government might be doing anything for someone else.

The real redneck wackos are busy trying to make ends meet or else they are off playing commando in hopes of defending us all from the new world order. That is way more fun than a political rally.

Q: What is the difference between "an old rich white guy who wants to oppress the poor" and a "redneck wacko"?

A: A little bit of income (often in the form of government transfers)!

In other words, some money and a vocational degree do not necessarily confer respectability.


16 April, 2010 08:27  

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