26 May 2010

Blame the Republicans - You Bet, and Rightly So!

I'm looking at this report from The Pew Center for the People and the Press documenting the decline in public confidence in institutions.

Democrats mistrust government all the time, Republicans are extremely hostile to government when they are not in control - extreme right-wing partisanship accounts for the bulk of the collapse in "confidence in government." The Red-Staters are worried that Democrats might operate in ways that are less to the advantage of conservatives. Recall, though, that the Republicans are good at spending other people's money, mostly on themselves [1] [2]. Recall too that the extremist trends among Republicans have driven much of the political polarization in the country [3]. So, if you don't like the mess that is American politics blame the Republicans who are pushing their extremist views in ways that undermine our fiscal and political well-being.

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