18 May 2010

I'm With the Rapist ...

At the Cannes film festival photocall for Palme d'Or contender
Des Hommes et Des Dieux (Of Gods and Men), French director
Xavier Beauvois holds a T-shirt to show his support for Roman
Polanski, who has been under house arrest in Switzerland since
last December. Photograph © Sean Gallup/Getty Images.

I came across this photograph at The Guardian; let's say it falls into the category of the truly astonishing. Roman Polanski had sex with a 13 year old girl, confessed to the crime, and then ran away to avoid serving his sentence. What cause, precisely, is it with which Mr. Beauvais (and his friends) is demonstrating solidarity? Is it the cause of men who rape children? Or is it the cause of justice being applied differentially according to one's financial wherewithal? Just wondering. Perhaps Mr. Beauvais should consider switching to this tee-shirt:

P.S.: And, of course, there are fresh allegations about Polanski's predilections for young girls. While he is innocent until proven guilty, I am sure he will want to have a full airing of the latest charges in court, no?

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Blogger noto said...

As much as I like your blog and opinions, I can't udertand how you insist in making a mess of yourself about the whole Polanski issue. If everything you write is as ill informed and mean as this, you're certainly not worth reading, and not worth much as a intellectual, analyst or professor.

To begin with Polanski never ran away from the american justice. You are LYING, and that's a major issue with me. In fact, he was at the time in France and returned to the US to serve his sentence in the high security prison at Chio. The sentence was delivered by a judge after an agreement with the accuser, all standart procedure. Rittendand sent him to Chio and told everybody that was the sentence. Then he changed his mid and ilegally tried to make Polanski serve an additional sentence. This was highlighted in a documentary that explained why Polanski left the US and attacked the judicial system.

In fact, of the 45 men covicted that year of the same charges, he was the only one to serve a prison sentence. The judge was harsher to him than to the rest of the offenders.

Seven years ago, a DA desperate for funds and campaigning for reelection, announced on a fundraiser that he would jail the nasty guy. It was the beginning of an infamous campaign, for a crime occured 34/35 years ago, adressed against a 76 year old man. Even murders prescribe, seems rape accusations don't, even if you have been tried and condemned, but only if you are famous.

Polanski did not rape anybody. He had consensual sex with a 13 year old WOMAN, who looked and acted like one, her mother knew, introduced them, they met several times, then they sued for the money, as they have aknowledged. The alleged rape victim as asked the court to stop this madess. The DA at the time, now retired, has declared in court that the original trial ended with the sentence Polanski served and that what the judge did after that was illegal.

The other actress you mention told the journalists ten years ago that she wanted to be Polanski's mistress forever. Now she had second thoughts after being contacted by a famous and unreputable LA scandal hungry lawyer. I would bet that case will not go too far.

I undertand you live in a country were two consenting adults can be jailed in several states for practising sodomy, where you are better of killing somebody than raping him, founded by puritans etc. but at least you should get the facts right.

In Spain from where I write, the age of consent is 13, as in most of Europe. So much for Polanski's rape... The major question at this point is ¿How can an "Intellectual" guy like you obsess to this ridiculous point about such an issue? ¿What does this say about you?

25 May, 2010 18:49  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...


We can argue whether or not a 13 year old girl can "consent" to sex with an adult male who is her employer or who, in addition, has drugged her to boot ... None of that is in question. It is what Polanski did. And he admits it. For that alone he has not a single shred of credibility in my book.

As for my LYING (have I said that shouting in caps is not useful) about the case here is The Guardian from the report to which I linked in the post:

"Polanski, the director of such Hollywood classics as Chinatown and Rosemary's Baby, has been in legal limbo since September when a US warrant for his arrest was issued after he travelled to Switzerland to receive an award at a film festival. He faces charges that he gave Quaaludes and champagne to the 13-year-old in 1977 then raped her, having pleaded guilty to unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor. But he fled before sentencing.

This week the LA judge who is hearing the Polanski case turned down a request from his lawyers to publish secret testimony in the case. The defence said that would show misconduct by the judge, now dead, who had handled the case."

So, the standard press reports are at some variance to what you spout as "fact." Like Bernard-Henri Levy you seem to think that there is some grand conspiracy to prosecute poor Roman. I simply do not think there is. I think he is a sleazeball who has gotten away with a despicable crime for several decades. You choose to believe the legal defense team who are being paid to get RP off. As you know lawyers will say anything and so are hardly to be trusted as purveyors of truth.

Polanski raped a girl. If he were poor and black he'd be dead for that. He is rich and white and has been living a glamorous life instead. I am not sympathetic in the least.

What that says about me is that in a contest between the rich and powerful and those whom they seek to exploit, I'll side with the latter. Too bad.

25 May, 2010 19:29  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

PS: Marcos - according to ABC News, Polanski served 42 days in county jail prior to sentencing and fled when he thought he might do hard time in the State Penitentiary. ABC also quotes the initial grand jury testimony of the 13 year old detailing how Polansky forced her to have oral, vaginal and anal sex despite her asking him not to do so and her repeated plea to be taken home. Sorry, but "No" means "no" - even in Spanish. And Polanski admitted to the sex; like other rapists he just doesn't understand what consent actually means.

25 May, 2010 20:11  
Blogger Unknown said...

As someone very familiar with the history of Los Angeles, make it be known that Polanski fled this country after his conviction and was sentenced in absentia.

I find it very interesting that anyone would rally around Polanski--he follows "a poor me" mentality after sticking his penis in a drugged 13 year old's anus.

It is really interesting that those who charge the DA with a political agenda cannot even answer to the crime. Why doesn't marcos try the experience with someone who is twice his age or size?

This is a crime in our country for a reason, marcos. Despite OJ, there are people in Los Angeles who don't support assholes.


15 June, 2010 19:58  

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