19 May 2010

New Blogs: Robert Paul Wolff

I just discovered that political philosopher Robert Paul Wolff has been keeping not one, but two blogs. On one he is publishing his memoirs (which make many of those who inhabit the discipline of philosophy seem rather narrow and cramped), on the other he is addressing 'formal methods in political philosophy.' Early on, my undergraduate advisor Jim Fratto had me reading Wolff's The Poverty of Liberalism as well as A Critique of Pure Tolerance which he co-authored with Herbert Marcuse and Barrington Moore. In graduate school I subsequently read all or part of Wolff's incisive books on Marx, Kant, and Rawls. Indeed, prior to heading off to Chicago, I took a graduate seminar with Wolff at the University of Massachusetts (Amherst) in which we read Marx, Freud and Mannheim.



Blogger Robert Paul Wolff said...

So you did, and you wrote a very nice paper on the implications of psychoanalysis for social theory.

Robert Paul Wolff

22 May, 2010 06:28  

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