05 May 2010

Sports & Politics ~ Los Suns

Steve Nash on Cinco de Mayo
(Photograph © Barry Gossage/Getty Images).

I have to say that this is a creative response to the nutters in the Arizona state government . . . screw the boycotts, talk back, demonstrate citizenship and solidarity rather than embracing your status as consumer. It is impressive that not only all the players on Los Suns supported the statement, but that their owner did too. (I will also note that their opponents in the playoff series ~ Los Spurs ~ did too.*) I would like to think that they'd have gone ahead even without league approval.
* And for an inveterate loather of the the Lakers, it is telling that their coach opposed the statement. Figures!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uh oh, is your basketball addiction kicking in again? lol

Thanks for this post. I'm loving the creative protest, too.

BTW, I can't wait for Friday -- game three in the Celtics/Cavs series!!!

05 May, 2010 22:32  

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