17 August 2010

Steve Meisel + Vogue Italia = Steaming Piles of BS (again)

(All three Images © Steven Meisel)

In this post I will try to resist simply reverting to form. It will be difficult. My subject is Steve Meisel, about whom I have posted several times before. Let's just skip the excoriation and say he's at it again.

This time, though, I have a suggestion. Think of this as my effort at being constructive. I am not much for charity as a solution to political-economic problems. But since ~ I assume ~ Meisel makes buckets of money plying his trade, I'd be ever so grateful if he'd simply donate a couple thousand to this or that relief effort and spare us his attempts at profundity. I'm certain I am not alone in this. And notice that I am least crediting him with a sincere concern with the various public troubles he has incorporated into his work over the past few years. So let him 'help' (if that is what he thinks this stuff does) by allowing his money to speak for him instead of imposing on the world yet another vapid spread in Vogue Italia.

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Blogger Stan B. said...

Personally, can't wait to see how he pays tribute to the catastrophe in Pakistan! Think of all the emaciated fashionistas provocatively floating about "dead" in the water bedazzling us in the latest haute couture...

17 August, 2010 14:08  
Blogger Andrew said...

I am interested in your reaction to Meisel, because I see that it parallels my reaction to the fashion advertising photography I see in the pages of Vanity Fair.

In page after page, there is an empty artifice, joyless eyes, airbrushed faces, poreless cyborgs, and beings who only coincidentally resemble humans.

There seems to be no spine to the best paid photographers these days, who have joined the starchitects in producing vapid work that only power brokers praise.

20 August, 2010 22:42  

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