17 August 2010

Upcoming Conference ~ Time for Light

I recently received an email from Adriane Little at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo calling my attention to the upcoming Midwest Regional Conference of the Society for Photography Education.
Conference Description: The 2010 Regional SPE Time for Light conference will be a collaborative meditation on the past, present, and future contributions of lens-based media to art, society, and culture. The conference invites imagemakers and theoreticians to examine and share the benefits and consequences of photography to the societies and cultures behind or in front of the lens. So that imagemakers may better understand the past, record the present, and shape the future, the MWSPE Time For Light conference will culminate in the restoration, renewal, and new discoveries of historic and post-historic photographic discourse and practice. As we move forward and look backward, the conference will convene in Kalamazoo to make and take time for light.

Keynote Speaker: Lucy Lippard and Featured Exhibiting Artist: Yinka Shonibare.



Blogger Brenda said...

Oh my. Yinka Shonibare. So jealous. :)

17 August, 2010 10:48  

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