26 September 2010

Anniversary ~ Five Years

I suppose that it is better to forget your own birthday or anniversary than to forget someone else's. So, that is that. On September 24th - this past Friday - this blog was five years old. Slipped my mind completely. The nice blogger folks tell me that I've written just short of 2500 posts. The various counters I've linked to provide different numbers, but on average they suggest that I've had roughly half a million visitors. Pretty amazing - as I've said before. Thanks everyone, for stopping by! And thanks too to (nearly) everyone who has taken time to comment or has provided suggestions or complained about this and that. Really.



Blogger Mark Curran said...

...congrats Jim...it is always nourishing!

27 September, 2010 04:51  
Blogger SilverTiger said...

Birthday greetings on your 5th. Here's to the next 5 years :)

Oh yes, and to the next 2500 posts!

27 September, 2010 07:23  
Blogger Stan B. said...

Congrats, Jim! And thanks for being there!

27 September, 2010 09:55  
Blogger asgb said...

I share a birthday with your blog. I feel very lucky.

01 October, 2010 12:03  

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