24 September 2010

Wind Farms & Western New York

The town where I now live recently had a rather robust political-legal controversy regarding one farmer's proposal to install a 'wind farm.' It seems to me (although I am not familiar with all the details) that the whole episode was a mess, with the wrong outcome emerging from the ham-fisted attempt by local officials to push the project through over significant (but not terribly persuasive) opposition. The prospects of wind power continue, however, to make their way into local politics. [Look here and here.]

Currently there also is trouble brewing nearby over the proposal to install an off shore wind farm - I live on the shore of Lake Ontario - with people complaining, mostly about spoiled vistas and so forth. [Look here.] Given the option I've heard it said, the opponents would prefer more nuke's along the lake shore. That seems daft to me (think of the still unresolved and probably unresolvable matter of what to do with the waste that such plants generate). And the aesthetic argument strikes me as wacky too. So, this slide show at The Guardian is an especially timely contribution.

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Blogger B said...

The NIMBY concept is ridiculous, we live in a society where everyone makes concessions. However, there are some issues with windmills, notably the fact that the best sites are not coincidentally in the middle of major flight patterns for migratory birds. Effects on terrestrial ecosystems from siting is an issue too.

Thankfully, with some planning and using our brains, these issues can be dealt with and we can live with wind as one part of a better energy grid. Audubon magazine recently ran a great article about wind development in the midwest where siting could seriously impact sage grouse habitat. Local officials worked with corporations to come up with a solution that seems to work well for everyone. There's hope.

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27 September, 2010 09:39  

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