17 October 2010

Preview: Infinite City

Right Wing of the Dove ~ The Bay Area as
Conservative/Military Brain Trust (Antonia Juhasz).

Monarchs and Queens: Butterfly Habitats and Queer Public Spaces.
Cartography by Ben Pease & Artwork by Mona Caron.

These are samples from a forthoming book by Rebecca Solnit and a slew of artists, map makers and designers. The collaborative undertaking is a push to get us to re-imagine San Francisco. And it is a push to get us to re-think the use of maps - away from exclusive concern with official locations and consumer opportunities and toward the more expansive, less well publicized, but terribly important culture and politics of a given place.

Regular readers will know that I think very highly of Solnit - indeed, she is perhaps our most acute and creative public intellectual, a wonderful writer with good politics who works on and with visual artists of various sorts. You can find some of my previous posts on she and her work here.



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