20 December 2010

Strong Evidence Against the Theory of Evolution

This graphic shows trends in public beliefs among Americans re: evolution. You can find the most recent Gallop Poll here. But the dreary results suggest that just shy of 80% of Americans believe God has played at least some role in the evolutionary process.

Update: Why evidence against the theory of evolution? One would presume that holding ludicrous beliefs runs counter to any plausible understanding of "fitness." And apparently that is no barrier to pro-creation among Americans.

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Blogger Cyranos DeMet said...

I would posit these numbers will level out and converge once the science community and the religous community settle on debating apples, or oranges, but not attempt both in the same context: evolution is a method, creationism a motive, it is a non-miscible binary system and rather prone to explosive boil overs as a consequence.

24 December, 2010 00:29  

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