30 January 2011

Photographer Documents Marcellus Shale's Impact on Farmscapes

Natural gas drilling site on mountainside, Tioga County.
Photograph © Jack Preston/Terry Wild Stock.

My google alerts turned up this brief interesting notice from Lancaster Farming which I assume is a local publication in rural Pennsylvania. It is a review of sorts of a little photography exhibit "at Julie’s Coffee, a shop in downtown Williamsport, Pa"; the work being exhibited is by Terry Wild who, in his spare time, has been documenting the impact of gas drilling industry on the local landscape. You can find this "sideline" work here.

The changes ot the landscape may seem innocuous, but they are, as Wild establishes, pretty pervasive. And the drilling process, as I've noted here before, threatens the water supply in frightening ways. New York State currently has a moratorium on the drilling process (through July 1st) and I hope the legislature will make it permanent. Virtually everything we know about fossil fules and how they are extracted (or nuclear energy and how the fuel is extracted and the waste stored) makes supporting wind and solar energy it seem like a no-brainer.

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Blogger Cyranos DeMet said...

Wind and solar power are indeed partial solutions that should be deployed at best speed. Unfortunately, our manufacturing capacity has been so neglected if not actually betrayed to foreign interests the United States hardly has a best speed to be noticed.

Equally unfortunately, even at full deployment these technologies do not, at this point, have the potential to provide the ubiquitous power supply the American culture is based on. It just isn't there. They can soften the blow, reduce the demand on the fossil fuel sources, reduce the worst of the high risk operations attempting to provide (to the customers perception) unlimited power to be had on demand, but until the American people actually understand at a personal level the nature of the energy infrastructure they so totally take for granted there is little hope of implementing a lasting solution. It is going to take everyone's awareness and husbandry, and most folks don't want to be bothered with understanding what society tacitly labels as menial beneath the dignity of any *ahem* educated persons attention.

Such technologies are one of my hobbies (when I'm not spending time being an annoyance to the political ;-). Those of us who do work in such technologies, be it for profession or simply as a passion, are more often stymied by the momentums of older technologies enshrined in the political than by anything else. I've spent a fair amount of time working up the concepts of micro-generation technologies appropriate to retrofitting individual households to very near self sufficiency, given occupants technically competent enough to pay their power supply half as much attention as they do the gossip on television. When I'm convinced the political will stay the hell out of my way I can demonstrate how such things may be accomplished, but so long as the political looms on the horizon like the sails of a pirate fleet I'll not reveal what I know, what I've understood, to have it stolen by the likes of Al Gore and his crew of mercenaries. Until such as that are out of the way I'm on strike. Yes, that strike. The one John Galt started.

31 January, 2011 00:11  
Blogger Tom White said...

The New York Times have run a series of articles on this subject over the past week, which are not bad pieces at all in fact, and remind me why actually, they are one of the better mainstream journalistic outlets.

06 March, 2011 08:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

...makes Wind and solar a no brainer???""" And Mr No Brain, what fuel is behind powering weak and ineffective solar and wind technology? Petroleum! What brings you to view petroleum as some alien element? Petroleum is a natural resource that has powered these United States for two centuries. The fact that you have not been on the ground floor to benefit financially from that fact probably fuels your unwarranted bias toward energy sources that have proven to fail and are not efficient enough to pick or out do petroleum powered energy sources. This is fact not boorish as you say. All alternative energy sources and companies funded by Obscumbo have filed bankruptcy - why? FAILURE. Drill Here Drill NOW! In spite of what progressives and Liberals have to say.

22 July, 2014 09:33  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

Dear Carlos - Your comment is moronic. I post it as an act of charity. That is a one time exemption from my policy.

26 July, 2014 21:37  

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