26 January 2011

Repeal Health Insurance Reform - Another Brilliant Conservative Idea

I lifted this graphic from HuffPost; I don't know where they got it. Is it possible that providing health care to the uninsured is a drag on the economy? Just wondering.

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Blogger Cyranos DeMet said...

Sir, I do not think providing health care for all by way of insurance or any other means would in and of itself be a drag on the economy. To quote Chuck Heston in his role as Moses, back when Moses was still the Pharaoh's number one project manager and go-to guy: "Cities are made of brick... the strong make many, the weak make few, the dead make none." A nations' work force is always it's number one asset. Materials can be had by barter, but it is the abilities of the people which define the craft and economy of a nation.

There is however a factor that needs to be carefully considered, and accommodated, while reforming the manner in which we fund our health care system. Not all of the absurd running into truly obscene profit margins of the health insurance industry are consumed by simple greed. Some, but not all. As a young industry it grew up in conjunction with many of the methods and mechanisms by which the small investors entered the market. I have never heard exactly how deeply the various mutual funds and the like might be bought into the health insurance industries, but to whatever degree they are those monies and their profits are comprised of we "little peoples" investments and savings, and the fiscal balance and security of those investments must be confirmed stable across the transition to low cost national health insurance lest in gaining health insurance we cause who knows how many retirement and college funds to suffer. Additional time to make growth goals is not an option easily available in either of those common applications. All things ride a balance, and nothing of our complex modern society can be safely modified assuming it exists in a vacuum of consequences.

26 January, 2011 16:58  

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