13 January 2011

Tucson Billboard

Gee, what is it like to live in Tuscon? Is all interaction, all communication about shooting? (This comes from HuffPost.) Are right wingers incapable of thinking without reference to this sort of metaphor or analogy?

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Blogger Stan B. said...

Didn't "Straight Shooter" stay out of the army because of some pimple on his butt? And John Wayne was... a Conscientious Objector. Both did everything they could to stay out of war, and once out- everything they could to promote them.

Why does America thrive on such blatant, in your face hypocrisy?

13 January, 2011 15:25  
Blogger Public Squalor said...

John Wayne ducked military service because of his age and family status. Although older than Wayne, director John Ford - an old-school liberal that did serve in WWII - subsequently and repeatedly busted "Duke's" balls when directing him in war films - that he wore is hat wrong, that he didn't know how to salute, or to march...the star, Wayne had to tolerate this humiliation in front of the rest of the cast and crew. Ha ha.

- peace

15 January, 2011 06:00  
Blogger Stan B. said...

Did a little googling and seems there's no clear cut info out there, and some of what can be found seems to lead back to... Andrew Breibart of (of Shirley Sherrod fame).

Anyway, according to a website whose motto is "Quality Firearms, Quality Discussion," seems 34 yr old war hero Wayne got a deferment because of his four kids, despite the fact that other Hollywood stars with kids enlisted. Bottom line- probably not a CO, definitely a draft dodger.

15 January, 2011 14:14  
Blogger míchel said...

Even Tucson's ABC affiliate is called KGUN.

16 January, 2011 17:00  

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