17 February 2011

Best Shots (150) ~ Nicholas Muellner

(177) Nicholas Muellner ~ Untitled, 2003 (16 February 2011).

For the second week running I will break with habit an comment on one of The Guardian's series of "Best Shots." As it turns out Muellner lives not too far from where I live; indeed I have been to the falls he depicts here. And then there is his comment about the photograph:
" The image has an ominous feel. At the time, I was shooting a lot of beautiful winter landscapes that had a sinister feeling. This was during the buildup to the Iraq war, so I wanted to make images that had a sense of history and knowledge slipping away, being covered up. That's what the snow is doing. And the people walking toward the waterfall are literally walking on thin ice. Logic tells you they're on the ground – but in the picture, they're just floating in white space. "



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