14 February 2011

Five Years Old

My son August is 5 years old today. This is another of the pictures his brother Douglas took of him when he was visiting last summer. Happy Birthday My Sweet Boy! I miss you.* And don't forget - Papa loves August . . .
* I have never actually been able to spend August's birthday with him. I thank his mom for that. And of course she continues her campaign for the 'mommy dearest' award by once again refusing to give him the present I sent out. Did I mention she has pulled such things numerous times before? Oh well; nothing to be done.

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Blogger Unknown said...

This is a fantastic photograph.

16 February, 2011 13:25  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

Hey Rachel!

I have to say I agree .... about both the talented photographer and the charming subject.

I hope you are well. Your blog is pretty impressive. And I will offer my standard encouragement as you "wait." Keep the faith.


16 February, 2011 13:32  

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