16 February 2011

Unions ... in Egypt and Wisconsin

What do Cairo and Madison, Wisconsin have in common? There is a simply terrific column by Harold Meyerson in The Washington Post today that draws the parallels. (In case you are not paying much attention to the GOP assault on unions - what's new, right? - here is an update on the Wisconsin situation.)

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Blogger Public Squalor said...

Thanks for sharing this, Jim.

But it seems like the hostility to organized labor is nearly bipartisan, no? New York's Cuomo or Jerry Brown in California aren't exactly friends of labor. They all seems to be following the same course - use the current fiscal crisis to break the public sector unions (and gut labor's political power in the process).

- peace

16 February, 2011 23:01  
Blogger James Dunne said...

Krugman had a good column in yesterday's Times along the same vein:


21 February, 2011 13:45  

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