24 February 2011

Wake Up Democrats! American Workers are Under Assault by Republicans

It is no surprise that Republicans across the country have taken aim on unions and done so in a concerted campaign. Nor is it a surprise that they have done so hypocritically, rationalizing their political agenda in terms of the need to address fiscal crisis in the states. What is also unsurprising - and no less disturbing - is that neither the unions nor the Democrats seem to have had a clue that this attack was in the offing. They were too busy hoping for the emergence of civil, bi-partisan politics. Is there a lesson here?

As I drove in this morning there were two useful segments on npr: the first confirmed the predictable, namely that the Obama administration is steering clear of controversy and hoping for a nice bi-partisan resolution to the labor conflicts in Wisconsin, Indiana, and Ohio ... the second was an interview with a law professor who studies public sector unions and, guess what, they are not nearly the drag on the public budget or boon to selfish workers that the Republicans portray them as being. Surprised?

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Blogger Stan B. said...

Bloody gobsmacked! Are you meaning to propose that greedy unions and home owners didn't cause our economic downturn?

24 February, 2011 15:15  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

Come on Stan, Do I look like a fool? Of course they did. How else could you explain why we had to give all the bail out funds to the rich folks?

24 February, 2011 17:33  
Blogger Stan B. said...

You mean what little money was left after the welfare queens drove by in their pink caddies.

24 February, 2011 18:10  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...


24 February, 2011 20:47  

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