09 March 2011

On Wisconsin

Here is the report from The New York Times on the conclusion to the union busting campaign in Wisconsin. The upshot is that the Republicans confirmed that this is not at all about budget matters - they stripped all those out of the bill by which they eliminated worker rights to collective bargaining - and just went straight for the throats of public sector employees. No quorum, no opposition, no floor debate, none of that pesky democratic (small d) apparatus. This is the sort of thing that conservatives get all worked up about when it happens elsewhere.

For Democratic and Independent voters the lesson should be crystal clear - Republicans do not play well with others. In fact they prefer not to play with others at all. They have a reactionary agenda aimed at working people and the poor. And they will cram that agenda through regardless of proprieties or even legalities. If you think bi-partisanship is important it is a mistake to ever support any Republican. Instead of voting for civility (and engaging in the fantasy that the GOP cares a whit about that) you should vote to protect yourself and others from the predations of the right.

I am certain that all the Tea Party types who so value liberty and oppose tyranny will be out in the street protesting?

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Blogger Stan B. said...

There you go again, Jim... Purposely choosing to ignore the now well established fact that it was teachers and unions that launched us headfirst into this worlwide global recession in the first place.

Yes, thank god for The Tea Party who are ever vigilant, reminding us of our true American heritage- the god given right to make money without restriction, pause or conscience under the guise of promoting American freedom, rights, and values.

10 March, 2011 12:13  

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