16 June 2011

David Levi Strauss on Photographic Manipulations

David Levi Strauss has published this short essay on photographic manipulation at, of all places, TIME. In part it is a reminder that the problem is not photoshop. And in part he is speculating about why we have a need to believe photographs, to find them credible.

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Blogger eugev44 said...

I enjoyed the essay and had a thought about Strauss' citation of Gleick, namely that what made the Information Age possible was the removal of meaning. I wonder if in fact it was not an active "removal" of meaning but rather a consequence of the medium itself (computers, the internet, etc.)? While it may seem as though I'm digging too deeply into the semantics of the statement, I think there is an important difference, that meaning is not "removed" but rather "lost". Of course there is a digitization process, but perhaps it is worth discussing how the loss of meaning itself is transferred such that a consumer of images does not critically respond to what he/she sees.

16 June, 2011 22:30  

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