15 June 2011

Enthusiasms (32) ~ Farmers By Nature

I have let this theme go for too long and will try to post periodically about music that has caught my fancy. I was in Washington DC last week and made a stop at the Melody Record Shop. Among the cds (how retro!) I found is this wonderful trio collaboration by Gerald Cleaver, William Parker & Craig Taborn. This apparently is the second release on AUM Fidelity by the trio, which calls itself Farmers by Nature. I've been playing it more or less constantly since we returned home. The title of the cd "out of this world's distortions" continues on the title cut as ... "grow aspens and other beautiful things." Just so. The phrase not only is true of the broader world, it succinctly captures the beautiful music made by this trio too.
P.S.: I will note too that the cover photograph to this release is pretty amazing.

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Blogger Gerald said...

Thanks, Jim, for intuiting the connection between concept, title & design while it was still in your hands at the store. Thanks, again, for digging the music. Just thought I'd let you know Craig Taborn (1/3 of FBN) will be more or less in your area, performing solo tonight:
June 16, 8p.m.
An die Musik
409 N. Charles St., Baltimore
(410) 385-2638

I don't want to make a commercial out of your comment section; I couldn't resist the synergy.
Gerald Cleaver

16 June, 2011 08:37  

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