05 June 2011

Political Street Art - Murals and More from Tunisia & Libya

Tunisia, 2011 - www.zoo-project.com. Photograph © Elissa Jobson.

At The Guardian today are two slide shows - here and here - of political street art from central theaters of the "Arab Spring."

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Blogger Yassine Hakimi said...

What I liked the most about the graffiti of Zoo-project in Tunis, is that they were scattered around in small alleys in the Medina of Tunis , alleys out of of the tourist zone, which was even more interesting as they were there to be seen by normal folk , going about their everyday lives.

There was other projects involving street art in tunisia, such as a project where artists painted over cars that were burned and discarded on the streets after the former president fled the country.


06 June, 2011 04:34  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...


I agree with you - even though I did not know the location of the murals shown in The Guardian before you told me!.

And thanks for the link.


06 June, 2011 20:09  

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