15 August 2011

August (Summer 2011)

Today is August's last day here with me this summer. Yesterday we celebrated his half-birthday (he's 5 and one half). Today is LEGOs and Nerf Guns and swimming. The last day of Y camp was Friday. This is a photo of us on his first day in Rochester - watching his brother Doug play a summer league game. We did that every week. We've had a great time together and he has gotten to know Doug and Sam, Susan and Mickey & Vincent (the pooches) much better. Too bad he has to cram all that in in such a short time. We thank his mom for that arrangement - go figure.

Tomorrow we fly the 3000 miles to where his mom lives on the west coast. I miss him already. Next summer we'll have six weeks instead of four. And soon enough he'll start being here virtually the entire summer. That is something to look forward to.

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