09 August 2011

Bachmann Cover

I don't read Newsweek, so I don't know if the mag has anything like a coherent political stance. But this cover surely seems unobjectionable. I must say that I do not buy the claim that "the meme of the crazed female politico is problematic, no matter where you stand on the political spectrum." And I have no idea whether "Newsweek editors presumably had to dig for an unflattering shot." Is there any evidence for that claim? I suspect there are many competing shots of Bachmann looking similarly crazed. The folks at Newsweek have produced some in defending themselves. After all, Bachmann is a fanatic - in both religious and political terms - so it is not really surprising that she has the glassy eyed stare of one. And she is always going on about how outraged she is about this or that .... well, outrage ... perpetrated by someone or other. Just where is the problem?

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