07 August 2011

Interim Report on Summer Fun

August has been here for a couple of weeks. He is an extremely sweet boy. We've been swimming nearly every day at the Y ~ he proclaims regularly that he doesn't much like swimming in lakes or streams or the ocean. But in a pool he is like a fish.

In fact, August seems mostly to be an indoors sort of kid. He will play LEGOS for hours and can pretty much ignore the age level designations the company provides. And his musical taste seems to run in interesting directions - in the car we've been listening to a newish Buddy Holly tribute CD - Rave On (I give mixed reviews). August can sing the lyrics to half the tunes but especially likes the Paul McCartney version of "It's So Easy." It is safe to say that (with the exception of Florence + the Machine's version of "Not Fade Away") Paul's tune is the best on the album. That is embarrassing for all the young hotshots. But Paul's interpretation of the tune also is deeply weird. I'm glad August likes it. And I'm glad he sings along.

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