21 August 2011

Jennifer McKendrick

Making a go of it as a professional photographer of any sort takes gumption and the margins (as they say) are always tight. So I have to say that this story about Jennifer McKendrick is pretty impressive. Not only is she turning down business but she is being up front about why. Impressive is the word.

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Blogger Stan B. said...

Saw this, dismissed it, and then finally noticed it anew and wondered why the photo blogosphere was dead silent on it. I gotta admit I have my reservations on this one... I mean yeah, I like this particular stance, but gotta wonder where it leads. If she's going to be the morals judge, what about the guy who cheated on his wife, the guy who stole, or lies on his income tax? Is she going to run a background check on all her subjects? Is she going to tear up the negs ( I mean delete the files) of anyone who consequently commits a crime?

This is really walking a fine line I'm not sure she or most professionals (or people) are to assume so readily. Or is this her one Krupp/Newman moment?

22 August, 2011 10:57  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

Stan, I hear you. This could turn into the sort of practice like all the medical personnel or pharmacists and so forth who invoke their consciences as an excuse to not dispense birth control (for instance). But those folks practice their trade only under public license. This woman is a private citizen running a business and bearing some actual (and more potential) cost to herself. The kids she is turning down can find another photographer. The conscience exceptions are putting the burden on others. Or so it seems to me.

23 August, 2011 13:41  

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