24 August 2011

A Pox on All Your Houses (2)

Photograph © Jason Lee Parry.

Hailey Clauson is yet another teen-age kid being used by adults for fun and profit. The image lifted here, taken in 2010, has been used by Urban Outfitters (among others) on a tee-shirt and published in some rag called Qvest. And Hailey's truly, truly disgusted parents have now filed suit against the retailer and the photographer (reports here and here). We've seen this sort of thing before, indeed we've seen it over the course of decades (e.g., [1] [2] [3]). Once again all the putative adults - starting with Hailey's parents, her handlers, and the photographer Jason Lee Parry and his crew and going on to the publications and stores who've used the image - are culpable. They are peddling the young girl's sexuality - let's be frank, her leather encased crotch - and they know it. All the squabbling and recriminations and legal and media posturing is just the aftermath of a bunch of morally deficient adults who have engaged in indefensible behavior.

The fact that the "outraged" parents have filed suit despite allegedly having been present at and/or approved the photo shoot, seems especially hypocritical. You are farming your kid out to sell s!*t folks! I'd ask "What were you thinking?" - but either you weren't or you were thinking simply of the green. I'm not sure which makes you more loathsome. Doesn't matter. After all, even before the pictures were snapped you might have asked "What is my 15 year old daughter wearing here?" Does she wear those lace-up leather hot pants to school?

For his part, Parry still (as of 10:30 pm EST, 23 August 2011) has the offending shot up on his web page - so, despite his protestations or (no doubt feigned) naivety, he is soaking up the notoriety. Jason, here is a hint: just because a kid's loathsome parents are around, you can still exercise some adult judgement. They may be wholly venal, self-absorbed and corrupt; are you too? Your web pages announces that you are "self-taught." Nice. Now go learn something about exploiting kids. Of course, being less explicit would undermine your status among the fashionistas. Couldn't risk that. Twit.

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Blogger Stan B. said...

Pretty sad all around. It's certainly not about "art," or creativity- and in the end, will it really help sell all that more? As for the parents...

25 August, 2011 14:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen. My wife and I would never allow our daughter to be photographed in this way. This young woman's parents need a reality check.

25 August, 2011 20:25  

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