27 September 2011

Last Day to Contribute to Prison Photography on the Road

Pete Brook, who runs the extremely insightful and important blog Prison Photography is setting out on a longish tour of the US the purpose of which he describes like this:
'Prison Photography' on the Road is a journalism project. I will conduct over 40 audio interviews, publish them online and make them available to the prison reform and photography communities free of charge via Creative Commons licensing. My writing during the trip will also be CC licensed. I'm doing the legwork so others can enjoy the ride and use the results.
Pete has been raising money to fund the project on Kickstarter and, while he seems to have met his threshold, he surely could use a bit more funding. So, if you can swing it and you have not already done so, link through to the Kickstarter page and make a donation. His fundraising campaign ends September 29th.

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