28 September 2011

Miki Kratsman ~ First Photographer to win Emet Prize

"From an early age I read a great deal of philosophy, but I had never connected the world of photography to that. [. . .] From a certain stage, that first world became a test case that was applied in regard to every significant aspect of life and photography. Suddenly the question of where I stood when taking a photograph did not stem from what would benefit the picture, but functioned at the moral level." ~ Miki Kratzman
Refugee Camp 2000. Photograph © Miki Kratzman.

At Ha'artez today is this longish story/interview with Israeli photographer Miki Kratzman. I do not know Kratzman's work well, but you might have encountered it from reading Ariella Azoulay's The Civil Contract of Photography since her discussion revolves, at crucial points, around his images. Kratzman, it seems, is undertaking a set of provocative, often reflexive, projects that don't just straddle the divide between politics and photography but seek to reconfigure it in thoroughgoing ways. And his work also defies conventional but actually quite fuzzy boundaries of photojournalism, documentary, and art photography.

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