18 September 2011

Pandering, yes ... But to Whom, Mr. Obama?

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Today, even the center-right editorial board at The New York Times took this swipe at Obama for being politically tone-deaf. (Of course the presumption is that he actually might be vaguely progressive on the economy, which I doubt.) But here is the relevant factual basis for their complaint:
"The Times and CBS News released a new poll on Friday, and once again we were impressed that Americans are a lot smarter than Republican leaders think, more willing to sacrifice for the national good than Democratic leaders give them credit for, and more eager to see the president get tough than Mr. Obama and his conflict-averse team realize."
In other words the stress on bi-partisanship - which actually means pandering to right-wing elite preferences - is a pretty poor political strategy. Not only has it led to policy disasters, but it is pretty lame in simple electoral terms. In other words, even if Obama is, as I believe, a center-right politician, he is going to lose the election by if he keeps pandering to the right. In fact, it may be too late.

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Blogger Stan B. said...

Don't know if he'll win again- and flat out don't care... Last time I held my nose and voted for him, now it's time once again to vote Green for something/someone I actually believe in and can't possibly win (or even vote Commie in a throw away/protest vote). My eternal seesaw voting alternatives.

Sad thing is, of course, if everyone gave a flying fuck and bothered to vote for that which directly affects their lives- we'd actually have worthwhile candidates that would have an actual chance of winning.

18 September, 2011 20:11  
Blogger Walter Dufresne said...

A quote from an article entitled "Support for Obama Slips; Unease on 2012 Candidates"in Saturday's New York Times. The link is http://www.nytimes.com/2011/09/17/us/politics/obamas-support-is-slipping-poll-finds-but-his-jobs-plan-is-well-received.html?_r=2&hp&pagewanted=all

"'I don’t disapprove of Barack Obama as a person, but as a president he has disappointed me greatly,' said Ann Sheets, 69, a Democrat from Chattanooga, Tenn., speaking in a follow-up interview. Ms. Sheets added, 'I’m realistic enough to know how difficult it is and I am not against compromise, but I voted for a backbone. You have to draw some lines in the sand, and I don’t think he has done that.'"

19 September, 2011 10:23  

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