27 November 2011

Chicks With Guns ~ Still Dim

Alison, Marlee, Lee & Morgan with Boss 20-gauge side-by-sides.
Photograph © Lindsay McCrum.

I came across this review in The Los Angeles Times of a new book by Lindsay McCrum. I have written here numerous times about guns - and about how, generally, I don't get the attraction or the point and how, specifically, I think those who insist on toting guns in inappropriate places (e.g., political meetings, church, Starbucks, etc.) are defective socially, cognitively, morally, or maybe all three.

Here is my view. I don't hunt but don't object to those who do or who do so with guns. Beyond that, it is pretty clear that having a gun in the house does not make one safer. I won't go on again about the knuckleheads who insist on bearing arms at town meetings and other public events. All those claims apply when the gun owner is a "chick" too. In this instance, though, I'd add that a practice or tradition does not necessarily get any less dim simply because "chicks" are engaging in it.

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