16 November 2011

Michael Ramirez Impersonates Pravda Cartoonist

Now, I get the fact that cartoons are meant to amplify or magnify this or that aspect of reality for comic (and substantive) effect. But last I knew, outright falsification is not part of the game. Where to start with this piece of disinformation? Well, we might first note that the "violence" surrounding the OWS protests is virtually always perpetrated by "law enforcement." But we might also ask what percentage of the Tea Baggers are employed - how many are retirees living on those dastardly "socialist" programs (Medicare & Social Security)? I won't go on - life is too short. Of course, this piece of propaganda ran this morning in our very own Gannett paper The Rochester Democrat & Chronicle.
P.S.: So, it turns out that Tea Baggers - about 18% of the American population - tend to be richer, whiter, more conservative, angrier and male(r) than the rest of the population. Oh, and did I mention that they tend to think the plight of American racial minorities is overstated? (Call that stance what you will!) No surprise that Michael Ramirez thinks the Tea Baggers are more representative than they are - those are precisely the characteristics of the folks who pay his salary.

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