23 November 2011

On UC Davis

Over at The Nation, Jon Wiener has written this nice piece - I had thought of doing a similar one myself - contrasting two You Tube videos taken at UC Davis last week. The first is the notorious video of Officer John Pike pepper spraying students. The second is of Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi exiting the central admin building on campus accompanied by a campus Chaplain and passing through a group of students. Katehi had claimed to be threatened by the students and refused to leave the building - hence the presence of the Chaplain. The silence is deafening as the Chancellor departs.

This pair of videos speaks to the anxiety and fear that elites experience in the face of democratic, peaceful dissent. They are truly eye opening. And I must say that in both instances the students at Davis displayed exemplary sorts of courage and restraint.

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Blogger Beth E. said...

I hope you meant to say 'Chaplain'...as I think Charlie's been dead for some time!

Have a very happy Thanksgiving, while you're at it!

23 November, 2011 22:44  
Blogger Jim Johnson said...

Ever since my days at Sacred Heart School as a kid, religious types have made me so nervous that I forget how to spell simple words (after all the Nuns spent much of their time beating the snot out of me and my friends!)

Have a good holiday too, Beth!

24 November, 2011 00:08  

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